CPR R US Careers searches for talented American Heart Association-aligned instructors passionate about Course material, delivery, and meeting candidates and providers where they are. We are looking for experienced instructors with emergency management backgrounds that want to become a part of our vision of empowering people to save a life. We seek instructors to make providers/candidates trust us for resources and support building a solid foundation on emergency management skills. We are in search of discipline. And reliable. Contract instructors. That is looking for a platform to grow and thrive. Within. Their business or skill set.
CPR R US wants to support and empower our instructors to excel and achieve their goals. We offer entrepreneurship opportunities and connections with the best in the industry so that you can grow.

Not An instructor Yet? Let's Get Started!

You must be a current AHA Provider cardholder through the American Heart Association or American Safety and Health Institute the class where you seek to become an instructor.

  • You would need to submit a valid ID and relevant credentials
  • You must complete the online instructor essentials, fill out an application, and contract with an AHA-approved training center.
      Then, email the completed certification to us at Rosters@cprrus.com
    once you’re done.  .CPR R US also provides Instructor’s Essentials.
  • If you plan to proceed to a course hosted by CPR “R” US, you must pay your fee within 72 hours of the course. You must read the instructor handbook before the scheduled course, which is only given to you after payment.
  • You must monitor an AHA faculty or coordinator teaching a course.
  • You will be monitored by a faculty or coordinator instructing a course.
  • You must complete the 5-hour instructor skills session. The skills session will review the AHA guidelines and PAM. The material must be purchased prior to the session for the skills demonstration. In addition, you must be able to demonstrate proper use of the equipment and manikins.
  • Create an instructor’s account on the AHA network and request alignment with your training center. Alignment with the training center usually takes 3-5 business days after the completion of the course and the submission of all the required documents. 
  • CPR “R” Us, LLC offers various options for instructors. You can view our Instructor’s packages, prices and schedule your session at the link below.

CPR "R" Us, LLC offers various options for instructors. You can view our Instructor's packages, prices and schedule your session at the link below.

We’re Looking for Talented, Unique Clinicians Like You!

CPR R US is seeking AHA and ASHI aligned instructors to join our team on temporary contract assignments from 2–8-week assignments to train school districts, healthcare facilities, factories and daycares.
  • The opportunity to empower people to save a life.
  • An opportunity to gain adverse experience.
  • Teach various industries as an instructor.
  • Above average salary.
  • Roster service.
  • Access to instructor’s resources.
  • Quarterly performance bonus.
  • Weekly pay up to $30 per hour.
  • Must be already an instructor
  • Must have a current AHA or ASHI Instructor and Provider’s card
  • Must be able present a professional presentation
  • Must be able to present a Professional appearance
  • Must be patient and able to create adverse learning approaches
  • Must be flexible in availability (4-8 hours on weekdays)

To schedule an interview, please call 314-274-8700 or email us at info@cprrus.com

Check weekly assignments to assure accuracy, show up to the assigned location on time with all materials required in the agreement, instructed courses based on the company policy and organization guidelines, track rosters, and issue cards when appropriate, and document process in the database.

Disciplines We Offer!

You must be a current BLS/ ACLS Provider through the American Heart Association. You would need to submit a valid ID and proof of professional credentials. In addition, you must have emergency room experience or critical care experience for a minimum of 2 years to qualify for conducting advanced courses such as ACLS and PALS.
  • The opportunity to serve multiple industries in providing information regarding the American Heart Association and American Safety and Health Institute’s life-saving techniques and resuscitation skills guidelines.
  • Self-discipline to self-govern and oversee daily functions of operations, creating a schedule that meets your needs and those you serve.
  • An opportunity to learn multiple teaching and remediation tools.
  • Teamwork in collaborating from anywhere in the world with other team members to strengthen your knowledge and skill set. 
  • Competitive salary with ideal work-life balance.
  • A platform to grow and thrive with your skill set.
  • Rosters and files are kept by CPR “R” Us for up to 3 years for auditing purposes.
  • Unlimited support as an instructor.
  • The ability to be professional and patient at all times.
  • The ability to create teaching approaches for different learning styles.
  • Study and learn the latest material for the organization that you are aligned with.
  • The ability to be a resource and a support to candidates/providers.
  • Keep all compliance requirements
  • Create and submit class rosters daily.
  • Manage the required student files and document the training process in the CPR “R” US database.
  • Support and navigation with class course completion process and communication.