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Assuring That You Are Ready When It Matters Most

About Us

CPR “R” US LLC specializes in certifying candidates for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and basic life support (BLS) through the American Heart Association (AHA). We offer same-day certification to individuals in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Our team is supervised by certified by a Respiratory Therapist with an extensive background in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Additionally, our CPR instructors are certified by the AHA.

Train and get certified today to deliver high quality CPR

in confidence

All of our training meets the guidelines of the AHA. Our goal is to make sure that each student is confident in delivering exceptional CPR in case of an emergency. We’ll teach you the appropriate steps you need to respond to common life-threatening situations that may occur in medical and nonmedical settings.

Find what training best meets your needs by viewing our course descriptions. Alternatively, you can contact your employer to ensure you are selecting the right training.

We don’t just provide same-day certification. We can also assist you with renewals. We’ll contact you 60 days before your certification expires to schedule a renewal with one of our instructors.

Meet the Senior BLS /ACLS Instructor/ Supervisor

Robin Lewis is a Certified Respiratory Therapist and BLS instructor. She has 8 years of acute care experience and has provided services in 2 of the largest long-term acute care facilities in the St. Louis area. Robin has assisted in conducting codes, managed acute care cardiopulmonary emergencies, and has also educated both students and staff in managing emergency situations.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to ensure that high-quality CPR is delivered in confidence and accurately within the most recent guidelines of the AHA.

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