All AHA certifications have a 2 year validation period from that date that is documented on your e card.
Blended learning will require a completed AHA online portion that includes a video observation and testing. All online portions include a PDF provider’s manual appropriate for the course, a skills check list and algorithms that you can reference during the completion of your online portion. online portion access is valid for 2 years from the date the course is activate.

If you are having trouble accessing your online portion, please follow the following steps on how to download your AHA certification.

  1. Log back into your AHA account where you completed your course.
  2. Select the survey option and answer the 8 question survey.

C  Select the certificate option ( if it is not available to select, log out and back into the course) and  download your certificate. Email your certificate to info@cprrus.com


  1. Log back into HeartCode
    B. Click the drop down icon next to your name
    C. Choose the purchased Heartcode or Heartsavers course and look for the review option if completed.  (If completed, review should be in red. You may have to scroll down to visualize).
    D. Click on the tool bar at the top of the screen in the upper left hand corner above the coach and choose the purchased or completed course.
    E.  Choose the dashboard option and then provider’s manual
    F.  Once you see the manual, choose appendix and then mega code testing.  (You w ill see a display box at the top of the screen that reads “No Media content”/ click that box and scroll through all of the skills check list.
    G.  After you scroll past all of the skills check list you will see the first algorithm and the others that follow.

After completing your profile on eLearning.heart.org, and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the services being provided on the website, the main page will open. There will be a screen with the titles “Course, About E-Learning and Support”. On this page in the center, you will see the tabs “Active, Completed and Share”. If you have active courses, you will see them under the “Active” tab with the action prompt to start that course. Completed courses will appear under the “Completed” tab. To the left of this, you will see “Classes” with all the features of accessing your class.

  1. After clicking start on the “Active” tab, your dashboard will open to allow you to click the action button, “Start” to begin your course. A new internet tab page will open explaining the process to complete the course. Click the start button again. 
  2. A new page will open titled “My Rhapsode” that informs you to click your course located in the “To Do” column. 
  3. After clicking on the “To Do” HeartCode BLS 2025, your course screen will appear with your personal coach.
  4. Notice in the top left hand of the corner of the page, there are 3 lines. Click on the 3 lines and access your Provider Manual. 
  5. Once you scroll down to access the Provider Manual, the screen will open to view the PDF image of the manual and to the left, the chapters. 
  6. On the manual chapters side of the screen, scroll down until you see “Appendix” and click this option. The Appendix is a shortcut to access the Algorithms that are visual representation during learning and testing.
  7. After accessing your “Appendix” to review the algorithms (which can be used during testing) you can click the “x” in the right top corner to get back to the Providers Manual, click it and begin reading using the left and right arrows to move forward to the next page and backwards to a previous page. Once you are finished reading the manual, go back to the internet window tab that says “Course Exercise” and click “OK” at the bottom of the Provider Manual image. This will return you to the actual exercises and options to complete the online portion. Choose the “next” button to move through the course until completion. Once completed, you will be prompted to return to the “Dashboard”. 
  8. Once you have successfully passed the online portion, you will be prompted to return to the dashboard (pictured in step 2 of this tutorial). Complete the survey by clicking the start button which can now be accessed from your dashboard. Once the survey is complete, click the “certificate” tab which is located beside the “survey” tab in your dashboard and it will download to your device. Upload a copy of your certificate by opening your email account, composing a new email and attaching the certificate to the email (to attach a document, you will locate and select your certificate in your “downloads” folder on your device so you can attach it to the email) and send it to info@cprrus.com. Once we receive your certificate, you can register and schedule your skills demonstration session. 
Yes, you an use any AHA printed materials or notes that you have taken during the course as a resource during testing.
The AHA guideline requires a training center to release a card within 20 days of the completion of a course. CPR”R”US makes a special effort to provide same day certification.
There are no fail options. Also, AHA does not discriminate against candidates with disabilities. Our job as an instructor is to pass or remediate by assessing the candidates learning style and meeting them at their needs.

Contact a CPR”R”US Communications Team Member at 314-274-8700 or email info@cprrus.com


Do not proceed to claim the card. Email info@cprrus.com and provide the correct spelling of your name so that we can update the card with the corrected information and resend the card. If you claim the card before corrections, you will have to pay a $35 name correction fee.

No other Network’s courses or materials are accepted in regards to meeting requirements in order to receive any AHA certification.

Call AHA Learning Help desk at 877-242-4277. You may also contact 314-274-8700 and choose option 2 to transfer to the Heartcode department or email Heartcodes@cprrus.com.


Local customers within a 30 mile radius of Maryland Heights, MO. or Ballwin, MO. locations, who are renting equipment and will accept delivery and pickup of the equipment by CP”R”RUS staff members. Local deliveries will receive a call within 24 business hours of the purchase order to schedule your delivery. Your equipment will be delivered within 24-48 hours prior to your scheduled skills session, based on the customers preference. Equipment must be scheduled for return within 24 hours of ending the virtual skills session, or the next business day. If equipment is held longer than 48 business hours with the exception of the weekend, a fee of 5% of the expected deposit will be charged for each day the equipment is held. If the provider schedules a pickup and our team is unable to retrieve equipment at the scheduled time due to provider error, there will be a charge of an additional $25 fee for a second pickup. These fees will not be applicable if CPR”R”US reschedules delivery or return services. Any refund minus shipping and handling will be submitted upon receipt of equipment to CPR”R”US. If you are outside of the 30-mile radius of Maryland Heights or Ballwin, you are considered an out-of-state equipment renter, and will receive equipment via FedEx. Your shipment will be delivered to your preferred address up to 72 hours after your purchase. You must return the equipment after your skills session takes place, at a FedEx location in your area. Any refund minus shipping and handling will be submitted upon receipt of equipment to CPR”R”US.
Call 314-287-8700 or use your appointment confirmation link to send a message to our general messaging system if after hours. A team member will contact the Materials Processing Team and you will receive an return label via email.

Call 314-274-8700 to reschedule at no additional cost for equipment delivery delays or use your appointment confirmation to send a message to the general messaging system. Be sure to include your next available date and a 4 hour window for your time availability.

You or your employer can send a “course completion verification form” provided by your employer to info@cprrus.com. The assigned Instructor of the your skills session will complete the form and send it back within 24 business hours. You can use this form to temporarily work in place of your e-card. Please be mindful if equipment is held longer than 48 business hours with the exception of the weekend, a fee of 5% of the expected deposit will be charged for each day the equipment is held.