Equipment Rental Process

We can ship the required equipment to your door step by placing an equipment rental order and paying a deposit. We have an Out of State delivery option, which is any delivery that exceeds 30 miles of our Maryland Heights location or Ballwin location. Our local delivery is within 30 miles of our Maryland Heights or Ballwin location and is delivered by a CPR R US Materials Processing Team member. All equipment rental requires the provider to return it. Each options have a process for return. If you have an Out-of-Sate Equipment Rental your Return label is emailed at the time of shipment. A 48-business hour grace period is extended for return delays. Equipment that is returned after the 48 hour grace period will be charged a 5% per day form the deposit. Local equipment Rental providers need to call 314-274-8700 Ext 1002 to schedule a pickup for Equipment Rental.
Equipment Rental Options. 

Local Delivery

This service is a $125 deposit with a $50 nonrefundable service fee. The $75 deposit amount is refunded within 24 hours of the pick up. This service has a $25 cancellation fee. This service is for local customers within a 30-mile radius of Maryland Heights, MO. or Ballwin, MO. locations, who are renting equipment and will accept delivery and pick of the equipment by CP”R”RUS staff members. If you are outside of the 30-mile radius of Maryland Heights or Ballwin, you are considered an out of state equipment renter. Local deliveries will receive a call within 24 hours of the purchase order to schedule your pickup. Your equipment will be delivered within 24-48 hours prior to your skills session, based on the customers preference. Equipment must be scheduled for pickup within 24 hours of ending the virtual skills session, or the next business day. If Equipment is held longer than 48 hours with the exception of the weekend, a fee of 5% of the expected deposit will be charged for each day the equipment is held. If the provider schedules a pick up and our team is unable to retrieve equipment at the scheduled time, there will be charged an additional $25 fee for a second pick up.

Out of State Delivery

Out-of-State deliveries are any delivery outside of a 30 mile radius of Maryland Heights, MO. or Ballwin, MO. The deposit is $190 minus $80 round-trip shipping fee and $25 handling fee. Your equipment rental order will be processed within 24 hours of your payment during weekdays. Please allow the next business day for processing if the order is placed on a weekend. Shipment will arrive (standard shipment) within 3 business days. This option will cover shipment from CPR”R”US to the Provider/candidate and include a return label in the box. The return label should be used to return the equipment after the skills session has been completed. You can return the equipment to the nearest FED X and present the confirmation number to CPR”R”US to receive a same day e-card delivery. The Provider’s e-card will be released by the instructor upon verification of the confirmation of the return of equipment. The deposit of $190 minus an $80 round-trip shipping and $25 handling fee will be refunded within 24 hours or the next business day of the receipt of the equipment. In the event delivery of equipment is delayed to the candidate, CPR “R” US will allow a courtesy rescheduled skills session appointment, when an appointment needs to be modified due to late delivery of equipment.