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Why Partner with EPSTAL

Our goal is to bridge gaps, we go above and beyond what meets your needs. EPTSAL will tailor a partnership just for you! Only add what you need as a partner from us and we will customize an affordable partnership offer based on your needs. We also have standard partnerships that can be accessible to all industries. We partner with schools, healthcare facilities, travel agencgies, daycares, adult daycares and the industrial workforce to empowers facilities to have access to instructors, certifiy staff and students, or certify their team to become instructors at a discount rate.

EPTSAL Partners Benefit Options

FAQ EPTSAL Questions

All EPTSAL Partners agreements are 25 months

Companies that have multiple locations and prefer a partnership agreement that includes equipment will require a separate partnership for each location.

Businesses that have multiple locations and only gain access to discount services, before and after business hours and access the EPTSAL Partner Portal privileges will most likely not require a separate partner agreement for multiple locations. The business name must be the same for all locations.

Credit card & ACH.

CPR R US EPTSAL has a No refund policy on certifications services, however, if you paid full compensation for a 25-month agreement, you can be refunded a prorated amount for the 2nd year agreement term.

You can log into the portal and set the renewal on auto or you can decide after the first year if this program meets your needs.

You can cancel a partner’s agreement at any time, however only the 2nd year is eligible for a prorated refund.

All EPTSAL partner agreements are 25 monthly terms, however, you have the option to pay for only 12 months. When you pay the 25-month agreement in full you are eligible for the Own it Partners 25 months being absolutely free. You will also receive the EPTSAL Exclusive welcome that includes the mouse pad, hot or Cold thermo cup, EPTSAL hoodie, jacket, or polo of your choice.

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